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There was a time in 2009 where I was in the emergency room, trying to figure out why I was passing out in pain from stomach cramps when Das Hubs (then Der Boyfriend) and I overheard some rather unexpected information passed from a doctor to the nurse on her way back in to grab me for an X-ray:

“Hold the x-ray on Patient S–. She’s pregnant.”


Here’s something either really friggin’ awesome or awful about me, depending on your perspective: I’m sterile. Not by choice, mind you, but I’ve never had the greatest of reproductive health, and my trauma really did seal the deal on marking my uterus as an officially condemned womb. I’m not proud to admit it, but I can say bluntly that there are a good dozen or three times in my sexual life that I should have gotten pregnant (not including the months and months of Das Hubs and I trying) and I just…didn’t. I was never really bothered by it, since I was kind of always on and off birth control, and I never had much of a desire to be a full time mother. It literally never registered for me, so this was a brand-fucking-new experience.


Weirdly, the first question that floated through my brain was, “What in the hell would I name a child?”

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